Our C&DW Recycling Plant Mod. REC 100, designed and produced entirely by JLM Ingeniería, has been already registered by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

Last 19th April, JLM Ingeniería registered with the O.E.P.M. (Spanish Patent and Trademark Office) the appropriate application to protect the design and manufacturing of the C&DW Treatment Plant REC100. During the month of April, the request was adequately examined to check the authenticity of the whole, and thus be able to take the request forward.

Once complied the provisions laid down by the Law No. 20/2003 of 7th July on the Legal Protection of Industrial Designs (ley 20/2003 de Protección Jurídica del Diseño Industrial), last 3th May it was published in the Official Industrial Property Journal (OIPJ) the registration title granting JLM Ingeniería the exclusive right of design and manufacturing.

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