Application fields of our products

JLM Ingeniería is already present in fields such as construction and demolition waste recycling, mining, and construction and industry, among others.


Construction and demolition waste recycling

JLM Ingeniería offers installations for the integral treatment of construction and demolition waste, with a commitment to recovery and reusing of 95 % of materials entering the plant, at a very low cost of production.


Since its beginnings JLM Ingeniería aims for continuous improvement in aggregate treatment, incorporating the technology and technical means required to obtain the optimal product demanded by our customers.


At JLM Ingeniería we design, manufacture and adapt our construction machinery according to the requirements of our customers, which may form part of an existing installation, or we can also offer complete solutions.


JLM Ingeniería has been present in the industry since its beginnings, fostering R&D. We perform assembly, maintenance and repair projects of industrial machinery, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Therefore, JLM Ingeniería offers its customers a wide range of solutions in accordance with their specific needs, which range from designing and manufacturing, to installation and maintenance of their products.

planta de reciclaje de residuos de construccion y demolición